Baby Shower and Bridal Shower Poems

Baby Shower and Bridal Shower Poems

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Sample bridal shower poem:

Once upon a time, not too long ago,
Caryn had a beach house to pass the summer slow.
To Belmar she went to kick up some sand.
In the back of her mind she hoped of something grand.
She set out each Friday to escape the daily grind,
With her book and her sunscreen she left work behind.

Soon came the day as a summer baby was she,
To celebrate her birth of July twenty-three.
To Parker House she went to dance and to play.
By the end of the night she found herself at Bar A.

It was there that she saw him, as tall as can be.
He was all that she wanted, her heart filled with glee.
It was an evening of talk, laughter and romance.
It was a glorious day the night she met Lance.

She saw him again and knew all was okay,
When he invited her over to play some croquet.
He was the one, she knew without fail,
When her birthday he remembered by sending e-mail.

It was wonderful to see this, our friend in pure bliss,
Or watch as her cheek blushed when he gave her a kiss.
As their courtship continued what was mine became our.
Then Lance popped the question overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Now we're all here to celebrate the new bride-to-be.
We've gathered together both friends and family.
Raise a glass in her honor for this is our chance,
To toast the love that she found when Caryn found Lance.

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Sample baby shower poem: 

A Lullaby

Once upon a time, not too long ago
Jason and Christy’s house was quiet, things were nice and slow
But now their heads are spinning and their hearts are racing fast
For soon they’ll have a baby and quiet is a thing of the past
The joy he’ll bring is immeasurable, he’ll brighten up your space
Your world will never be the same once Cooper Thomas shows his face
One cold night in January he’ll get his miraculous start
He’ll look into your loving eyes and his smile will warm your heart
Recently Shelby and Sierra can do nothing but give a cheer
For their brand new baby nephew is coming in the brand new year
Soon they’ll both be aunties, it will be their very first time
They’ll teach him how to walk and run and jump and even climb


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Sample birthday party invitation:

You're invited - it's going to be great
Please come help us celebrate
Nicholas and Aaron are turning five
Join in the pool and show us your dive
Come at 2 p.m. on the 2nd of July
Bring your suits and your towels, no need to be shy
xxx Eyland is the place
See you there with your happy face
Be ready to jump around and make lots of noise
As we sing happy birthday to two wonderful boys



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